There are many ways to avoid the butter and oil in the preparation of your recipes.

Cooking without fat is possible and even tasty!

Steamed Cook 

The steaming does not require the use of fat. To steam, you should use an airtight container, such as a steamer. You can also use a pressure cooker.

The steam-cooking is ideal for cooking many products (poultry, fish, vegetables, potatoes, semolina, rice and Chinese specialties  in rice dough).

No fat is required and it preserves flavor, vitamins, and natural minerals. The food also retains its original tenderness.

Good to know: to give more flavors to food, you can flavor the water for steam with a few drops of lemon juice, or spices, for example.

If you love fat food or fast food which contains so much fat such as fries, then owning an air fryer might be a great idea 

Cook in the oven

To eliminate cooking fat, the furnace has a good alternative. Contrary to popular belief, a chicken is not necessarily cooked with oil. In addition, it makes the oven clean while the chicken still has good taste.

  •         To cook without adding fat:
  •         Preheat oven to 240 ° C.
  •         Sprinkle foods with lemon juice, bouillon-fat or water, simply.
  •         Sprinkle with herbs.
  •         Bake with the period of time indicated on your recipe.

Warning: do not lower the temperature below 240 ° C, otherwise, it would not be able to properly cook food.

Cooking in foil

Cooking in foil is to enclose its food in a container provided for this purpose or aluminum foil. Meat, vegetable or fish gradually releases its juice, without requiring the addition of any fat.

How to cook in foil?

Preheat oven to 150 ° C.

Open aluminum foil.

Remove meat or raw fish.

Add to the selection of finely chopped vegetables, a sauce made from lemon juice and mustard, spices, herbs.

Always close your sheet.


Caution: unlike traditional baking, the foil is slowly cooked at low temperature.

Toast meals

Cooking on the grill or just the BBQ area to prepare fish and meat without fat.

For successful cooking grill:

Sprinkle your preparation with salt to prevent decomposition during cooking.

Once the grill has become hot, place the food on the grill.

Let quickly cook, turning occasionally until a nice golden brown.

Warning: the grill does not allow cooking vegetables. In addition, meat and fish lose their juice with this method of cooking, the juices thus remain imprisoned.

Smoking in court bouillon

Cooking broth or cooking poaching can quickly simmer fish, shellfish, and vegetables. Delicious, it brings a subtle flavor to foods. Very simple to make the broth requires only a hob and a casserole or saucepan.

How is a cooking broth?

In a hollow container (pot or Dutch oven), add half a liter of water and food to be cooked.

Add salt, pepper and, if desired, vinegar or white wine.

Fill with some chopped vegetables and herbs.

To further give a little more flavor, you can add a bouquet, a defatted broth cube or flavored.

Boil all within minutes.

Reduce heat and simmer until service.

Good to know: as food, poaching can be achieved in simmering or cold water.