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What is the best Chainsaw on the market?

What distinguishes a smart shopper from a spendthrift is having the right information when choosing an item. For us it is important to always show the most relevant options; here’s a compendium of the best chainsaws 2016, which are very helpful for taking care of your garden.

TimberPro CS-5800

TimberPro the CS-5800 is one of the strongest chainsaws you’ll find out in every list. Gasoline works, and its tank capacity is 550ml, enough to keep walking for a while. Its side chain tension ensures a snug fit and the automatic lubrication system allows optimal performance of the chain. Its sword is 50cm and 3.4 hp engines which allows a quick and effective work, so this chainsaw is not slow to thick trunks. Given its strength and manufacturing, it is intended for large jobs.

It includes a range of accessories such as a handy bag for loading and saving, extra two chains, a case for the sword and a set of tools.


Power: The best thing about this model is its power, and that has 2,600 watts that provide great power when carrying out for all kinds of activities.

Lubrication has a similar manner to the previous model, this version features automatic lubrication system for the chain to maintain good performance and to extend the life of the product. This has a storage capacity of up to 220 milliliters of oil.


Weight: Due to its weight of about 8 kilos, since it weighs 5.4 kilograms without bar and chain, the use of this chainsaw can be strenuous, especially in prolonged work.

Einhell BG-PC 4040

The reception of customers has positioned itself as the best Chainsaw for the money in the market today. The Einhell brand stands this time by offering modern equipment that has its own characteristics chainsaws. Its German manufacturing gives it a seal of quality. It comes with an anti-vibration function to perform tasks in more gentle ways. The accuracy of this device works well thanks to its automatic chain lubrication and its parts (chain and bar) are OREGON, ensuring high cut quality. With 1.500kW and a sword 40 cm, it has the size and adequate power for all kinds of garden pruning and domestic activities.

One detail is that the first few times it is difficult to start, but after that, the machine works without complication. As with other computers on the brand, some people find difficult or unreliable system manual adjustment without tools.

Now if you want to know a little more about the characteristics of this brand Einhell chainsaw, check out their advantages and disadvantages:


Security: The chain has brakes and self-strangulation, which are activated the first time that force is applied on one of the handles on the chainsaw is held, and the other in case it gets out the chain place, keeping the team in place, avoiding hurting your fingers or cause any physical harm.

Lubrication has automatic lubrication system on the track of the sword and chains, thus being able to do maintenance alone and thereby improve the operation of the equipment, also extending the life of the product.

Stability: This best top handle chainsaw – Einhell BG-PC features an anti-vibration damper that reduce design and shake allowing you to work and make cuts easily, without being tiring.

Leaf: It has a 40 cm sheet quality wheel Oregon with a head sword. This chainsaw is suitable for tasks like cutting small trees, cut pieces of firewood, prune trees and other similar tasks.


First start: The first start of the chainsaw according to users, can be cumbersome, so it is necessary to consult the manual and follow the specified steps to get boot properly.



If the tree dimension is beyond 30 cm in diameter, it is necessary to call a professional.

We do not use the same technique to get rid of a bulky tree, depending on its size and location. Claude Benoît, Director of the company Bro-Leon Pruning helps us to see more clearly.

How to get rid of a small tree?

To a tree up to 10 cm in diameter, one can use a saw. Japanese saws with teeth, in particular, that cut when pulled, are very effective. We then cut larger branches with pruning shears force, and possibly small branches with a small pruning shears.

And a bulky tree of average size?

For a tree to 30 cm in diameter, you may kill yourself if you do not have enough space for the tree to fall. In this case, using a chainsaw (1), a notch is made in a triangle than a quarter of the trunk diameter. It is this cut which gives the direction of fall. Then we made a cut line on the other side of the trunk, leaving a “hinge”, which is a strip of wood on which the tree takes its direction of fall.

And a bulky large tree?

Beyond 30 cm in diameter or in the case of a tree cannot fall in one piece, you have to appeal to a specialized company: either a pruning society, a landscape company with a specialty of pruning, with, in both cases, a minimum of two arborists climbers. And avoid use simple gardeners or other trades companies that do this occasionally.

How professional proceed to cut a cumbersome large tree?

They proceed by dismantling. The arborist technician climbs to the top of the tree by means of ropes. They cut all the branches then ridge trunks from top to bottom. Otherwise, they proceed by dismantling with retention, that is to say, now all the pieces of wood are taken down gently in a particular place. As for the strain, it is removed by using a strain of trimming, which converts it into chips and down to 70 cm deep, allowing replant immediately behind.

What are the safety rules for cutting a bulky tree?

Already, an individual must assess risks before making this work yourself because accidents can happen. If you feel able to handle a saw or chainsaw, you need to dress in a cut-proof safety pants, leather gloves, safety shoes, safety glasses, ear protectors and possibly headphones. Professionals must have an individual protective equipment, ropes, harnesses, carabineers, etc which are approved.

What happens to remains of a bulky tree after they have been cut?

An individual can make fagots with branches for barbecue or fireplace. You can cut the trunk to make firewood. Possibly, if it is not white wood, you can keep a trunk up to climb above plants to secure the cabin for children, to install a bird feeder or to serve as a table leg of your garden. One can also grind the small branches using a grinder. Professionals, meanwhile, grind the remains to make mulch for bedding. Well-milled wood can also be used on site or be sold to other individuals or companies. Wood chips can also be sent in the wood energy sector to supply large boilers.



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