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Cloaq's Mission

Cloaq is a very different take on the anonymous platform. It's not simply about removing all traces of identity from what you have to say, our mission is to provide a place that redefines the entire concept of what an “identity” is. Cloaq is the first place where who you really are on the inside and what you have to say is the only thing that exists to define you.

No personal information is required to signup, so not even we know who you are. Simply enter a password and we assign you a @batchID, based on when you join Cloaq (ie. @alpha1, @alpha2… @beta1, @beta2 etc.). With your new Cloaq codename, you get a fresh start in a digital space where our superficial differences don’t matter, because they don’t exist.

We believe that anonymity should bring us together as a community of human beings, and allow us to mask only these superficial differences that tend to get in the way of understanding and communicating with one another. It should allow us to connect with others and be identified by who we are in our hearts and in our minds. We don’t want to separate what you feel or have to say from who you are, because that’s the only part of “who you are” that should actually matter. Our version of anonymity is not about “hide my identity so I can say what ever I want.” Cloaq anonymity is about “my identity is what I believe and what I have to say.”

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Key Points

Personal Info
  • No email, phone number or personal info required to sign up!
  • Simply create a password and we assign you a @batchID.
  • Don't forget your @batchID or password. No info means no way to recover your account.
  • Posts and comments can be any length! We do not limit your expression.
  • Anonymity does not mean "act like a degenerate with no consequences." If you want to stick around, follow the basic rules and act like a decent human being.
  • Two types of users...
  • Batch users have full access and get assigned a @batchID.
  • Guest users don't get a @batchID and can not post or comment.
  • UPDATE: Batch availability is now open! Download the app and signup to get your codename.
The App

Clean and Simple

How To Use

  • Speak Your Mind.
  • Share Your Ideas.
  • Debate Sensitive Topics.
  • Follow Based On Content.
  • Raise Important Questions.
  • Be Who You Really Are.
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Team Cloaq
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